“Aku dapat baby girl lahir pagi tadi….”

That wasn’t my remark obviously. I received this SMS yesterday from one of my schoolmate. I believe most of you must received it as well, but even if you didn’t, I’m pretty sure that you probably had a clear idea who am I talking about.

I’m thinking of buying a gift for his newborn but I don’t really have any idea. Diapers? 🙂 I like giving book as present *sigh*, I even had consider buying one of Roald Dahl’s but as it will be several years before she could even read I think I should buy another gift this time around. Any suggestion what kind of present should I buy?

* ~*~*~*~*

I had completed reading Jonathan Strange. It took me a couple of months which is somewhat unusual but really it was well worth the time. Unfortunately I don’t think I could spare the time to write a review on it (or for any book from now on) so I settle on the next best thing. 🙂 I had created a new page (refer at the top of this blog) where I maintain a list of books that I’ve read.

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Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle

We are back on the right track after this vital win. I didn’t watch it as midweek game is shown at 3am here. I admit that I was quite anxious about this match as we had lost 2 games on the trot and anything less than a win would be disastrous to our campaign. Hopefully this victory will kickstart our season. Later…


Pop goes the weasel…

Count every ” F ” in the following text:


How many ” Fs ” really?

Don’t scroll down yet. Count the ” Fs “.


Wrong! There are 6 — no joke. READ IT AGAIN !

Go Back and try to find the 6 F’s before I give you the next clue..


OK, now the hidden part.

The brain cannot process ” OF “.

Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!

Anyone who counts all 6 “F’s” on the first go is a genius.

Three is normal, so what’s your score?

*taken from Screenshots..



There was a school in Kuantan that I used to go every year without fail, sometimes even twice or thrice. The only exception was perhaps when I was in form one. It may not sound much this day, I mean you might even ask where the heck Kuantan is situated, but back then when you lived in hostel with some incredibly cranky wardens, the opportunity to get out from the school compound was a cherished and euphoric experience…serious. 🙂 Mind you, not everyone was able to get out from the so-felt ‘prison’, outing tk kira. Kuantan pun OK what…

OK, about the school in Kuantan. I really had some unforgettable memories there; pahit dan manis... (it’s from the bitter experience that we learn something, is it not?) We won by a whisker against SHAH Pekan en route to MSSM in 97, lost against some unfancied school in the 7-a-side tournament in 98 and when I scored a try against a-school-that-I-cannot-remember in 99 and got a nasty injury in the process. No, I didn’t break my leg, I just couldn’t run for a month..huhu.

I think most of you could make out this school by now. Yupp, yg geng jahat tue… The school which is generally regarded as our archrival since the time immemorial..hehehe. Now you must wonder what on earth I wanna tell you guys…


Actually, there’s a rugby competition being organized between the alumni of several boarding school throughout the nation and they are one of the participants *sigh*…

I had the opportunity last week to watch the match between them and Sains S’gor Old Boys. They were thrashed by six try..hehehe. I shouldn’t be so mean, after all, some of the players were actually my teammates from the day when we represented the state in MSSM but yeahh, obviously it’ll be much better if I could cheer for my own school right?

Err, kenapa sekolah kita takde ehh?

All In a Day’s Work

Heh..heh..heh! Mata saya pedasss… Name saye ni Labu. Saye ni tukang masak Haji Bakhil. Bukan tukang masak saje, macam macam kerje yang saye buat. Pegi pasar, saye. Tukang masak, saye. Cuci pinggan mangkuk, cuci peghiuk belange, cuci ghumah tangge, cuci ghumah kecik kat belakang tu pun…saye..!!

Peeeeendeekkkkk kate, selagi belum tutup mate, kerje,kerje,kerje!!!


It has been two months since I switched job. As for now, I could say that I’m quite content with my current position, I’ve been given a challenging portfolio although my boss hasn’t delegate most of the supposed workload just yet. Not that I’m complaining, some of my colleagues (from the induction programme) had to stay back until late at night in their first week!!! and some even have to work on weekends…sigh.

Anyway, my work has put me in a situation that I never encounter before, I need to work with pakcik2 and makcik2!!! (the non-executives personnel). Well, obviously there’s always a first time for everything but I’m still not getting used with this circumstance. In my previous company, only the top management are in the 40 to 50 age bracket and I hardly met them, and even then everyone is considered as peers regardless of race, rank and age. So everyone addressed everyone else by their name (including the boss, not even Mr/Madam). Quite casual I would say but that’s the work culture there. Once, during my early days there when I, ehem ehem having the nature of being polite call one of the staff akak (she’s about 30 I think), her face changed and asked me this instead, “Do I looked that old?” ….”Aiyohh akak, of course lahhh. That, I obviously didn’t tell her and that’s besides the point but you get the drift, right?

I digress, again. So, here the work culture is different, I can’t address everyone by their name anymore as that would indicate ill-manner behaviour in my part. It’s just natural when you have someone much older than you are as your superior but when they are your subordinate, that can be a lot more trickier, or so I thought anyway.

Another thing about working here; I hardly converse in English nowadays and I can feel my grasp of that language is becoming loose by the day. NO, we don’t speak in English here despite being one of the largest GLC (a profitable one at that) and having the aspiration of becoming a GLOBAL company. Well, almost everyone here has the same skin colour as yours and eat sambal belacan, so that’s self-explanatory.

So, the significance? Expect, more crap postings and the language being used is going to be lot crappier, huhuhu…later.


I went to KLCC last week; firstly to buy this book and secondly to meet a friend. The book has a whopping 1000 plus pages so I might need some time before I could complete it but so far the plot is good.

The conversation that took place:-
Aku & semata-mata aku: Heyy, you’re not that short!!!
Member lama: A’ah and you’re not that tall either
Aku & semata-mata aku: Touche!!

Yelah2..I’m not that tall though I think I can rightfully claim that I’m slightly taller than the average Malaysian, don’t you think?

Dah2 gie buat keje…

Ordinary Day…

Now that I’m working normal hours again, sometimes I wonder how on earth could I manage to work in shift during my previous employment. Men adapt to their environment I guess. This means that I’ve got several hours at night to do whatever I please, not that I do anything much…

I like my night to be quiet after a whole day of hard work 🙂 so most of the time I’ll stay at home, do some catching up with my family members, movie or book. Yeah, I find solace in reading… I had completed The Red Dragon by Thomas Harris in midweek so that left me with the option to watch a movie last night. Elizabethtown.

I found a striking resemblance between this movie and Garden State. In both story the main character went back to his root for the funeral of their parent and met a hot chick afterwards *sigh*. The similarity stops there and for me Garden State is much much better. Elizabethtown actually has the idea and material to be a very good movie but it lacks in clear direction and execution. Anyway, I still like some of the scenes; the one when Drew and Claire drove to meet to watch sunrise after a whole night of phone conversation!!!, performance by Hollie (Drew’s mother) during the commemoration and of course the road trip that Drew took towards the end of the movie. OK jugak lah…

Intangible Kind Of Thing

I was sorting out my mp3 collection when I decided to put up a list of my favourite songs here. This list won’t do justice as there are lots of songs that I really like that I can’t include for the obvious reason but if I really have to choose this will do just fine. Do I have to justify my selection? Probably not, don’t get too serious ok, this is just for fun..

This list only includes English songs from male singer (so that it’ll give me another material to write on..duhh). There are some very sentimental *sigh* songs here, one or two lyrics are just plain crap and even I can’t really understand the message (if there’s any) but the tune are good so just enjoy it… In no particular order of preference:


Switchfoot – Learning to Breathe
The Used – All That I’ve Got
Train – When I Look To The Sky
Lifehouse – Everything
Bon Jovi – All About Loving You
Three Doors Down – Here Without You
Matchbox 20 – Push
Creed – One Last Breath
The Fray – How to Save a Life
Default – Count On Me
Butterfingers – Girl Friday
Staind – So Far Away
Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated
Five For Fighting – Superman
Edwin Mccain – I Could Not Ask For More
Fuel – Falls On Me
Rob Thomas – Ever The Same